Private Investigator And  Detective


Every Situation Is Different And Unique. We Provide Clear Evidence So You Can Make An Informed Decision.


Background investigation

This nationwide criminal history search is generated utilizing all federal, state and county government databases.

Criminal defense investigation 

We works closely with criminal defense attorneys for defense preparation of State and Federal misdemeanor

Executives Protection

 Our commitment to each client has been to match practical solutions to their particular needs.

Skip Trace 

We uses advanced technology and proprietary linking algorithms to filter through billions of public records.

Infidelity investigation

If you’re suffering with the pain of having suspicions about your spouse but don’t know for certain we can help.


Our licensed private investigators conduct all forms of civil, criminal, surveillance and other investigations

Security Consulting

Our team is made of executive consultants who are highly specialized in their area of expertise, delivering the best

Workers Compensation Claim 

Workers compensation fraud occurs when a claimant, employer, or health care provider knowingly lies in order to gain an advantage.

Best Private Investigator

We provide clear evidence so you can make an informed decision and we minimize you risk for scams and fraud.

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We focuses on corporate, legal, insurance and personal investigations. Pr-employment Screening and Complete Background Searches, Workers Compensation and General Liability Defense and Fraud, Theft, Title VII Workplace Investigations, Undercover Operations, Civil Litigation Support, Surveillance and Domestic Investigations throughout the US

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